Tips To Enjoy The Picturesque Lakes And Natural Beauty Of Italy

Italy has a much cherished and rich history. Many of the dominant European cultures have evolved from here. Rome, the capital of Italy, was the core of Western civilization and Vatican City, the independent state in Rome, is the main base of Catholic Church. There are many other features that make Italy one of the best sought after destinations in the world. One of the lesser known but an important attraction in Italy that you should not miss is visiting the lakes of Italy.

Natural Splendor

Italy has been blessed with wonderful natural resources of which its numerous lakes find a significant place. There are nearly 1,500 lakes. The largest and most popular of the lakes in Italy include Garda, Iseo, Lugano, Como, and Maggiore.

A majority of the lakes belongs to the Alpine region. The lakes are small and used mainly for hydroelectric projects. The larger lakes such as Albano and Bolsena are present in the craters left behind by extinct volcanoes. Yet another variation seen in the lakes are the coastal lagoon lakes such as Alleghe present near Belluno. These lakes are concentrated to the northern side of Italy and have semi Mediterranean climate. These are surrounded typically by olive groves and citrus trees.

The water systems present underground due to porous rock formation has resulted in many subterranean sinkholes, streams, and lakes of which the Castellana water systems in Puglia are the most popular.

Attractive Northern Lakes

The lakes in the northern part of Italy are particularly special because of the ornamental gardens, stunning backdrop of snowcapped mountains, and ancient villas that surround them. The region, home to some of the largest lakes in the country, provides a wide range of experience and breathtaking scenery.

Tourist Delights

The rustic mountainous architecture of Italy makes it a must visit place. The adventurous lakes, gastronomical delights, grand hotels, charming atmosphere, exquisite view, and the splendid cafes make the visit a wonderful experience that caters to all senses. The northern glacial lakes present on Switzerland border feature clear blue waters, classic scenery, and medieval styled cobbled streets.

Beach Visits

All major lakes have wide accommodation facilities and additionally the beaches provide excellent comforts and are best suited for a relaxing swim.

  • Visitors to the beaches also have several water sports to revel in including windsurfing, canoeing, water skiing, scuba diving, fishing, and sailing.
  • There are also recreation sports offered on land including horseback riding, golf, and mountain biking.
  • Trekking and hiking tours are also arranged for travelers to enjoy the scenic beauty in full.

The lakes of Italy form an enchanting landscape that has evolved over the years into a diversified and splendid region of plants, animals, lakes, and mountains. The minor alpine lakes can be seen on high altitude areas that are excellent for exploring the landscapes. Lakeside vacations offer a wonderful opportunity for visitors to enjoy and discover the pristine lake waters and the charm they exude. A visit to the Italian lakes provides visitors fun, relaxation, and some adventurous sports to indulge in both in winter and summer, making them the best holiday destinations.

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