Essential Kit for First Time Kitesurfing

If you love adrenalin rushes and you live your life on the edge, kitesurfing – or kiteboarding as it is also known – will be on your ‘to do’ list. Whether you want to try it on holiday or you want to train to surf professionally there is a certain amount of kit you will need to get started.

Train with a professional instructor

Only the most insane of individuals would decide to venture out onto the open wave with no training and without an instructor by their side. Whether you are on holiday or are lucky enough to live in an area where there is frequently enough wind to go kitesurfing, you should head to a recommended school where you will be advised on just what kit you will need to get started.

When you choose to train with a kitesurfing school, the school will provide you with everything that you need to get you going; so note down everything you use and need for when it is time to go it alone. Attending lessons is of paramount importance if you don’t want to put your life in danger; just remember to turn up with some bare essentials that won’t be provided for you, such as appropriate clothing and suntan lotion.

Going it alone; what you will need

Once you are confident out on the water and you have had sufficient lessons with an instructor, it is time to really let loose your adrenalin and go it alone. Whilst training you can start stocking up on equipment you will need; this will also allow you to spread the overall cost of your kit.

Kite – Choose a complete kite system that meets safety regulations and includes a bar, lines, and a safety system

Harness – when kiteboarding on the water, a harness is an essential part of your kit; if you are boarding on snow or land then a harness is optional but always a good idea. Starting off with a seat harness will help you as you become more experienced; you may then go on to change it for a harness to be worn whilst standing when you gain more confidence.

Board- Ensure that your board includes foot straps, screws, and foot pads. Also ensure that the board is correct for your own capabilities, a small board being lighter but very tricky to master and only suitable once you really become good at kitesurfing.

Optional and seasonal items

The below list should be edited depending on whether you are kiteboarding on land, in the snow, or on the open wave; the clothing you wear will also depend on the time of year and the ambient or water temperature.

  •        A friend to ride with; this is optional but highly recommended unless you are extremely confident to go it entirely alone
  •        Life vest
  •        Wet suit ( this can be swapped for suitable swimwear when the temperature of the water is suitably warm)
  •        Helmet
  •        Boots, gloves, hat, waterproof clothing and thermal underwear (for kiteboarding on snow)
  •        Essential tools for fixing your board

Kitesurfing lessons can be quite pricey, as can your kit. However, never be put off by the price of your essentials, as there is a range of new and used kite surfing gear to suit any budget which can be acquired from both reputable kiteboarding schools as well as online. Finance is another option for buying your gear, h2o-Sports are currently offering 0% finance deals. So shop around online and see what else is available. Lastly, whether you are investing in new or used equipment, always ensure that the kit you buy conforms to safety regulations and never venture out with any faulty or missing items from your list. Most of all, enjoy yourself!

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