Australia’s Extraordinary Destinations For Shopping On A Holiday

Every time people travel to a foreign country they try to find out which will be the best place for them to go shopping. This is vital since friends and members of your family will be eager to see what you will bring back from your holiday trip. In Australia a holiday can’t be complete without you shopping for unique Australian gifts and souvenirs that are available and in great variety. You can choose between aboriginal artworks and artefact or buy jewels made from opal, pink diamond and pearls. Also you can decide to go for fashion and you will be amazed to find high end fashion garments for adults and children.

Chapel Street, Melbourne

This is one of the most ideal places for you to go shopping during your holiday vacation. The city has two main shopping areas that being the Chapel Street and Bridge Road. Chapel Street is a good place you can dine and get entertained. This street cater for everyone as it has many upmarket fashion boutiques where fashion enthusiast can do their shopping Also in case you have interest in old things pawnbrokers are found here Ridge road is also popular for its clothing outlets and stores that sell locally designed clothes.

Pitt Street Mall, Sidney

When you are holidaying in Australia this should be your starting place. The city has shopping districts where you can do your whole shopping before going back home. Pitt Street Mall would be the best place to shop since it is mainly a pedestrian area and home to many chain stores that are all within a walking distance hence making it more convenient for shopping. There is a number of shopping places such as Imperial Arcade, Sky garden, Glasshouse among others.

Queen Street Mall, Brisbane

This will be the place that you will be looking out for when holidaying in Australia to meet your shopping needs. Here you will find many shopping centres like the Myer centre, Brisbane Arcade and many others. For those interested in fashion they can pay a visit to Winter garden where they will find a variety of cloth lines and Queens Plaza where they sell more expensive clothes.

King Street Mall, Perth

It will not be a difficult task to find a nice place to do your holiday shopping and King Street should be the place to start with before you even think of going out to other places. Here you will find shops full of clothes both foreign and locally designed. In the strip between Murray Street and Hay Street you will find numerous shops such as Kookai, Gucci and many others. If you are looking for cheaper shopping you can go down to the harbour which is a home of factories.

Rundle mall, Adelaide

If that name Adelaide sounds strange to you, don’t worry it is the capital of South Australia. It is a pedestrianized street with more than six hundred shops and you will find almost everything in this place. There are many indigenous retailers found here including Myer centre and Woolworths. Apart from the larger store you can also find small stores which sell speciality products.

Though there are many places you can go for shopping in Australia, the one’s mentioned above are the most convenient places to shop since they are pedestrianized saving you fuel that you will need to travel from one shop to the other. It is my hope that you will choose to shop in these places when holidaying in Australia.

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