What Makes A Good Travel Bucket List?

When we go travelling, one of the main reasons we do this is to simply achieve something. To go somewhere that you always wished to see. To take part in an activity that you had always dreamt of. The world, though, is full of good places to go – whittling down where you would like to go and where you need to go can be tough. To help you make some changes, we’re going to help you come up with what is known as your ‘travel bucket list’.

This list will be your definitive guide to making sure you can have more fun when you travel, as well as add a touch more meaning to your journey. So, what makes a good travel bucket list? What will ensure the list feels both actionable and achievable?

Take on local challenges first

To start building a good travel bucket list, we recommend that you start off by looking at things in your own nation. Take a look at moments of historical importance or moments of immense cultural change. For example, someone in Germany might wish to go and visit places like the remainder of the Berlin Wall.

Conquer what you feel is vital to your national identity first and foremost: it will make going a bit more expansive and leaving your shores a little easier to plan.

Does your list solve a problem?

An easy way to build a good travel bucket list is to make sure that your list has a lasting impact on your life. For example, a good way to deal with a fear of spiders would be to choose an area where there are lots of spiders: Australia, for example. You can then come face to face with a problem in your life, and use the beauty of nature in another country to help explore and overcome that problem.

Do your activities match up?

An easy way to make a bad bucket list is to just include popular destinations from a list. Instead, look to make sure that activities match up with who you are. For example, you would get a lot of benefits out of choosing activities to do with what you enjoy in life. The best way to build a travel bucket list that you actually stick to will be to make sure that you create a list that is all about achieving things.

Don’t just add something to your list because it seems popular. Does it mean something to you? For example, an atheist might not get much out of visiting the Christ the Redeemer statue. Someone who loves architecture and history, though, will. Make sure that your destinations have a personal impact to consider.

Avoiding short-term thrills

As you populate your list, avoid going for short-term thrills. So, adding getting to the top of the Empire State Building is not much good if you only want to do it in the moment. Instead, add in a list of locations that solves a long-term aim and desire instead.

If you just want to pick places that look cool or rank high on a website, then you are not going to get any sense of long-term achievement from arriving there. Instead, avoid creating a list populated by short-term thrills and you will be much more likely to achieve something meaningful that has a lasting and positive impact on you personally.

Need some more help in coming up with travel bucket list ideas? Then take a look at the ideas we have below: they might just help you to make the right choices and make the most of any time that you happen to spend abroad.

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