Travel Myths You Can Bust By Visiting India!

India is a much changed nation then the one projected in popular British writings from the colonial era. Standing in the 21st century, India is a modern nation which is developing at a quick pace. Today’s India is poles apart from the picture most travelers have in their mind. India now runs at a fast pace and you can feel this speed even in your journeys. There are many high speed trains that can reach you places within no time at all. If you have a confirmed PNR status ticket in Rajdhani or Duronto then you can have a 150 KM/hr journey! This was just one of the many myths that would be busted during your trip through India.

India is a poor nation!

For a significant time now, India has been branded as a nation filled with beggars and unemployed. But the real scenario is quite different. Visit Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai and you would be soon overwhelmed by the number of high rise buildings and the number of luxury cars you find on the roads. A bit of research and you would find that India has more millionaires residing than most of its neighbors.

India is dirty!

Some years back the government of India launched a cleanliness drive throughout the nation and the fruits of this campaign are bearing fruit. Today Indians are showing more social awareness than ever before in keeping their premises clean. Yes, you would come across dirty patches during your trip, but the scenario is changing quickly. In this reference it has to be pointed that India possesses the “Cleanest Village in Asia” and the “Cleanest Lake in Asia” as well. More feathers are being added even as we speak.

India is hot and humid land!

Well, Indian summers can be hot and humid, so ideally you should plan your trip during the winter months. And even if you happen to visit India during the summers, there are many great hill stations spread across India. If you feel the heat, move to the nearest hill station for solace. Bordered by Mount Everest, there are many sub-zero places in India. You can visit Darjeeling (if you are in Eastern India), Shimla (in Northern India), Ooty (in Southern India) or Khandala (in Western India).  

India is the land of snake charmers!

It is not easy to find a snake charmer even in the remotest villages of India today. Indian youths are today engrossed in other progressive professions. India has taken rapid strides in IT sector and various other service sectors. Today’s Indians contribute heavily to the outsourced processes from the Western nations. If you have to see a snake charmer, you might have to arrange for it and the tour operators arrange for special sessions for tourists.

Indian trains are chaotic!

Well, India has the second largest railway network in the world and thousands of trains are plying across the nation on any given time. The ones who reported about chaos, have not tried one of the new age Indian train travel apps. Download a popular one from the Google Playstore  and you will be overwhelmed at the features of such travel apps. You can get every requisite information from PNR status checks to Live train status, from booking meals on train to booking transportation from the railway station. There is no scope left for chaos, anymore.

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