Why Travel Management Is The New Buzzword In The Corporate World?

With developments in the lives of corporates and working professionals, corporate travel management today has witnessed significant growth. How a company or an organisation strategizes its policies pertaining to travel, coming to terms with vendors, the security of the traveller, and subsequently looking into the realm of data management forms the essential crux of this arm of an organisation.

It must be understood at the very onset that this deals with negotiations and putting in effect whatever an organisation has planned for. In a nutshell, it is the part of the organisation that makes sure that the decisions made are taken care of and are implemented as per the needs and requirements of the organisation. For example, it is to look primarily into what class a person who would be travelling would be flying in, striking the right deal with airline companies and hotels for the right prices, and how corporate credit cards ought to be used.

Why is this so important?

For most organisations across the globe, travel and expenses constitute the second highest annual expenditure preceded by the salaries of employees. At this point, we must understand that travel and expenses do not confine itself to travel alone but take into account every expense right from meals to taxi payments to client rewards, office supplies and many more to name a few. Corporate travel management also looks into the security of the one travelling, use of corporate credit cards and everything that comes under travel data management.

Who looks into all this?


Corporate travel management is usually looked after by the corporate travel manager of the organisation. The job to be done is relegated to travel management companies who take care of the organisation’s corporate travel program. What travel management companies do is that they assist one with interactive platforms such that the process is easier and hassle-free. Many of these companies also use advanced software to book tickets for their clients. This is convenient because it helps a travel consultant to check real-time prices either for booking flight tickets, hotel rooms, or even the cost of renting a car at the very same time.

Now that we have understood how corporate travel management works, let us see why it is so much in vogue these days. Most organisations have a lot on their plate already as far as getting their work done is concerned. It is not a feasible option for one individual to organise travel and ticketing on his own. An organisation has many clients. And it is a humongous task to look after each client’s requirements, and needs by a selected few. This is where the idea of having a separate wing that looks into all of this independently stems from. Not only does it make the task seem easy, it helps clients too to sort out their needs conveniently. Arranging for the travel and stay of a client is difficult, but when given to this department, a lot is eased out.

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