Visit The Most Fascinating Beaches Of Bahrain

Bahrain Kingdom has been named as one of the best sites in the world around. There are many reasons behind this. The area is surrounded by a massive water body and in the late evenings, residents experience cool breezes that come as a result of the monsoon winds that dominate the area in almost all the sessions. The Kingdom of Bahrain was declared a state 12 years ago. It is connected to Saudi Arabia by a major causeway that has been refurbished for a number of years. The country’s population is approximated to be 1.3 million that comprise people from other nations. Neighboring countries are Iran and Saudi Arabia. These are notable beaches of Bahrain:

Bapco Beach

1. Bapco Beach is an oil exploration beach.

2. Oil was discovered in the island in the early 1970s, but the real work of processing commenced many years later.

3. The beach has been known for a long time to have massive oil fields.

4. Production and refining of oil products is done from this beach.

5. Many young men from the island flock here during the day in search of a living.

6. Essentially, this has been a place of work for many youths from the island.

7. Since 1932 the Awali area has been marked as a potential oil field.

8. Though international bodies conduct the exploration, Bahrain government does the supervision.

Sanabis Beach

1. This is a village found in the capital Manama.

2. It is believed that Sanabis was derived from the name of Sunbus a native tribe from the area.

3. The beach is known by many for its commercial activities.

4. While visiting Bahrain, you can enjoy doing you’re shopping from malls scattered in this beach as you have a spectacular view of the town’s architectural designs and the skyscrapers are an evidence.

5. People from this island beach are said to have distinct accent.

6. Business in the town become at a standstill when area residents are in a procession to mark the Ashura Day.
7. This is an annual event, so many eagerly wait for it.

Zallaq Beach

1. Located on the western coast of Bahrain, this village has a rich culture.

2. Many people in the area practice fishing.

3. Because of this economic activity, residents here can afford two meals a day.

4. Small fishing boats are prevalent.

5. The island has an altitude of 15 meters above the sea level.

6. There is no much rain experienced here, but indigenous trees thrive.

7. Al Areen national park is a tourist destination of the island.

Sitra Island Beach

1. Sitra is in central Bahrain.

2. This island beach has fresh water that springs from water sources in the area.

3. Sitra Island Beach is made up of seven villages and has a population of approximately 40,000 people.

4. Residents in the area grow palm groves for domestic consumption.

5. A tragedy befell this island several years ago, that almost rendered the island extinct.

6. Most of the inhabitants succumbed to small pox.

7. The government is urging those interested in visiting Bahrain to apply for Bahrain evisas, because it is easy, fast and efficient.

8. You will buy your furniture from exhibitions and show rooms in most days at the center.

9. If you love sport, there is Sitra Sports Club a community club for all members.

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