Trendy Ideas For Decorating The Wedding Venues In Essex

When it comes to your wedding, nothing can ever go wrong, be it the bridal dress or the songs that the chorus will be singing. However, the most important part of a wedding is the decoration of the venue. It doesn’t matter whether you are getting married on a set-up altar or inside the Church, decorations are a must. 

Without them, the venue will look like a barren land, with no life, glam, or joy. That’s why we have explained a few ways in which you can decorate your wedding venue in the best possible manner.

Making Flowers The Star Of The Day

Most wedding venues Essex are decorated with balloons, lights, and flowers. But these are quite common décor ideas which is why you can select only the flowers and make them the star of the day. Starting from a floral arched gateway to floral centrepieces, you can incorporate the beauty of fresh blooms in several ways. 

Using Romantic And Affectionate Lights 

A wedding means to love and affection. So, to ensure that the feelings are portrayed properly, you can use romantic light settings in the wedding venue. For example, string lights or fairy lights will be a great addition to an outdoor wedding location. In case you have chosen an indoor venue, go for a central chandelier or multiple pendant lights. 

Scattering The Round Tables 

It’s best to choose round tables rather than long, rectangular ones. However, if you arrange the tables in a chronological manner, everyone won’t be able to see what’s going on at the front. That’s why to scatter the tables in such a way that everyone can have a proper view of the altar. Also, make sure that the tables aren’t placed at much distance since that will hinder communications between the guests and the ambience will represent nothing but a melodramatic setting.  

Going For Theme-Based Decorations 

It would be best to choose a particular theme for decorating the wedding venues Essex. For example, you can plan for Disney-styled wedding décor, an elegant lavish theme, a country-house theme, and so on. Theme-based decorations are quite popular as they can heighten the charm and mood of the event easily. 

A Unique Couple Dance Floor 

No wedding venue will be complete without a dance floor. Usually, most people use the backyard or the lawn for dances. But this time you can do something unique like decorating the gazebo with flowers and string lights to use it as a dance floor. If it’s an indoor wedding venue, use the ballroom that can accommodate almost all guests easily. 


We have discussed some of the best ways of decorating the wedding venue. However, you need to ensure that whatever décor you are opting, it suits the venue as well as the theme of the occasion. Also, do consider the differences between indoor and outdoor venue decors. We hope these tips will help you create the perfect setting for your special day.

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