Top 5 Reasons To Move To Portugal

Portugal is a  lesser-known gem of Europe and is truly a country brimming with possibilities. It is a fantastic country with beaches, mountains and offers a wide range of opportunities for people willing to settle down.

Portugal has everything you would ask from a modern city minus the fast-paced life. So, here are the top five reasons to consider if you are planning to move to Portugal permanently.


Portugal is one of the sunniest places in Europe and has over 300 clear days in a year. So, if you are the kind of person who is being tormented by the English weather and loves the clear blue skies, then Portugal is the place for you. This weather encourages people to venture outside and alleviate their mood. So, this is one factor which drives many people from Europe to settle in Portugal.


The cuisine of Portugal is world-famous and is a paradise for fish lovers. The Portuguese are experts in making specialised fish dishes to suit your palate. They are also plenty of variety when it comes to eating outside with plenty of cafes providing unlimited supplies of food. They are also unlimited varieties of sweet dishes, pastries, and chocolates which are sure to satisfy the cravings of your sweet teeth. 

Lower cost of living

Living costs in Portugal are quite low compared to other European countries and there are plenty of investment options too for people who are planning to start their business. There is a favourable tax bracket for foreigners which you can check through Portugal investment visa information. Property prices are quite low compared to other destinations and public transport is way cheaper. So, these positives should encourage you to move to Portugal and enjoy the Portuguese way of life.

Robust healthcare

There is free National Health Service in Portugal and this helps to get emergency care as well as routine surgical treatments. The cost of medicines is also subsidised by the government and is exempt from taxation. There is a huge network of public hospitals which are extremely budgeted. Overall the healthcare in Portugal is economical, advanced and suited for your everyday medical checkup.

Relaxed life

People don’t get unnecessarily stressed out in Southern Europe and the pace of life is extremely slow. So, if you are unable to cope with the strains of a fast-paced life you can consider moving to Portugal and it will not disappoint you. People take time to eat their lunch and the working hours are much less when compared to some of the other European nations.

Portugal is a country where there are a lot of charms and fantastic beaches. These facts about the country are sure to encourage you to be an expat and settle down there.

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