The Best Adventure Travel Books To Help You Plan Your Next Adventure!

Adventure travel books are a great way to plan your next adventure. They provide information on where to go, when to go, and how to get there. And they’re not just for those who love the outdoors. These books can be helpful for those who love history, science, and adventure.

What Are Adventure Travel Books?

Adventure travel books are a type of travel book that typically offers tips, advice, and stories about different types of adventure travel. These books can be used for individuals and groups and can be a great way to learn about different travel destinations and what to expect while on vacation.

What Are The Different Types Of Adventure Travel Books For You?

Depending on your interests and goals, you can choose from many adventure travel books. Some General Adventure Travel Books might offer information about hiking in new or unexplored areas, bird watching in remote locations, sailing on sailboats worldwide, or camping in the woods. Adventure Travel Planning Books also focus specifically on planning your next adventure trip. This type of book will help you know everything you need to get started on planning your trip and setting up all the necessary logistics like hotels, transportation, food, etcetera.

What Are The Different Types Of Adventure Travel Books For Your Trip?

There are two main types of adventure travel books: general and specific. Available adventure travel books offer information about a wide variety of different types of adventures. In contrast, specific adventure travel books are designed to help you plan and execute a particular adventure trip.

Top 10 Best Adventure Travel Books For You.

  1. Born on the Border: A Memoir of Life, Love, and the War
  2. The Great Outdoors: How to Plan and Enjoy Outdoor Adventures with Authentic Geography
  3. Wilderness Survival Guide: How to Evolve in an Unfriendly World
  4. Paths of Exile: A Journal of Adventure, Exploration, and Courage
  5. The Endurance Book of Maps: A Comprehensive Guide to outdoor mapping including Routes, topo maps, adventure journals, hiking guides, and More
  6. Wanderlust: My True Story of Seeking out Adventure from a Young Age
  7. Down by the Ocean – A Memoir of a Lifesaving Expedition
  8. Wild at Heart II: Adventures in All Weather Sports Photography with Greg Norman
  9. Big Water – A Memoir of Climbing Everest with a Crew of Friends.

How To Choose The Best Adventure Travel Books For You.

The key factors you must consider when choosing an adventure travel book include your interests, budget, and time frame. To get started, find a book that matches your needs and goals. 


Adventure Travel Books are a great way to experience different types of adventures. You can have a fantastic trip you’ll always remember by choosing the right books. While many other adventure travel books exist, focus on the factors listed to find the best book. By doing so, you’ll be able to have a fantastic trip without any stress.

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