Need Extend Stay? Read Tips To Choose Your Next Extended Stay Property

In the United States, you must consider the hotel prices for a couple on an average to be $325 to $425 a week. Of course, this amount can vary depending on which part of the country you are in and the duration for which you’re staying in the property. However, this average is the closest figure to which you can expect your hotel tariff to be.

If you’re planning on staying for a longer timeframe, you will find it beneficial to book a property which favors long and extended stays. Such properties supporting extended stays are much cozier and can make your long trips to be more memorable.

What is the concept behind these long-stay hotel rooms?

The concept behind this accommodation like Hickory Hotel Extended Stay Property is to offer more spacious rooms, additional kitchen facilities and other features similar to home, above those provided in a regular short-stay hotel. The properties in this category are capable of catering to the different and unique needs of their guests. Also, these hotels are more cost-effective, applicable to both guests and property owners alike.

Let’s take a closer look at a few necessary things you must pay attention to while you book an extended stay hotel!

What are the things you should look for during your normal stay?

While searching for accommodation to stay for more than a week, you must consider your individual preferences. For instance, it might not be a big deal to share a bathroom during a weekend trip, however, can you survive while you have to share a toilet for a longer duration like a few weeks or months? 

An extended-stay hotel must offer you the comforts of a hotel room while providing you with all the essential amenities for a convenient stay. However, you need to choose wisely!

Are there any special deals available for the long term?

The first time you are going to book a hotel room for a long and extended stay, you must try to understand if you are getting good value for money or not. You should browse for special deals in the area which are more often than not, available for all long-duration stay hotels. If you don’t find any deals online, you can connect with the reception of the hotel to discover any camouflaged deals or offers that property is offering.

It’s worth exploring the different options available for you.

How is the experience at one of these long-stay properties?

Though it is noticed that it can take nearly a year and a half before you start to feel like home when you shift to a newer place, you must determine if you’d cherish coming back to the same extended-stay property or not. Do other guests who are staying at this hotel make you feel welcomed or at least safe? Are the staff friendly? These questions will help you choose which extended stay hotel to go for before booking.

A long-duration hotel room will offer more than just a bed, a coffee maker, and an old television. You must feel carefree and comfortable in your extended stay hotel room.

What other services and features are available on offers?

Make sure that you discuss with the property manager about all the features and services that your hotel has to offer. This little effort will make sure that you enjoy your visit to the hotel to the maximum. An added sauna or spa session is always uplifting for your mood and temperament after all. 

Ask yourself about your preferences. Will you enjoy a long dip in the fool or sweating yourself in a gym? Discuss your requirements before booking a hotel room so that you know what you are in for during your stay.


During your extended stay, it is important that you not become a victim of homesickness. This means that I should feel comfortable and at home in new surroundings. We hope that these four tips help you to choose your hotel room for long and extended durations more efficiently.

Hope the above tips will help you find a hotel room that is affordable while you are staying for a long duration and that also provides you with everything that you might need during a stay. 

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