How To Make Optimum Utilisation Of EHIC Travel Insurance?

Travel health is very much important for almost every traveller and this is the very reason most travellers are looking for the best travel insurance options. Amongst all options, EHIC is considered as the most effective one. You can now receive maximised travel health protection with the concerned option.

In this case, you also need to consider EHIC renewal. If EHIC is not renewed on time then you might get deprived of enjoying the offered facilities. Even if your EHIC card is missing then also you need to report the same to the concerned authority for receiving a new one.

You can call at the customer care number for reporting your case of missing card. You can now avail absolutely excellent healthcare treatments for you and your family members with EHIC. You should understand the insurance norms before placing your application.

What to do for availing best facilities from EHIC?


It is always better calling at the customer care number for gathering necessary info about EHIC. The customer care representatives will not only guide you how to avail EHIC card but they will also advice you regarding how to make optimum utilisation of the card while travelling to Europe with family. Some of the best preparations that can support your decision of taking EHIC are as follows:

  • Since EHIC has got few limitations, therefore, you should take a proper travel insurance for satisfying the medical needs of your family in the most efficient manner. There are some specific health conditions that can be fulfilled only by travel insurance.
  • Proper online research needs to be made for collecting best medical advices during travel. These advices will enable you maintaining a great health during travel.
  • If you have any existing health issue, then you have to prepare a checklist of required vaccinations or medications that you will be in need of.
  • You have to carry your prescription on one hand and on the other hand prescribed medicines need to be carried as well. You also need to carry your medical reports so that emergency situations can be attended carefully.
  • Your doctor should provide you with a medical letter that you are capable of travelling with your current health condition. This letter is very much essential, especially while making claims under EHIC insurance.

Do not forget about EHIC renewal as only active E111 cards can make you benefitted.  You also need to get a clear knowledge regarding how to claim necessary refunds under EHIC insurance. Healthcare teams of EHIC will surely cater you a proper guidance regarding how to get the refunds on time.

You should carefully read out the instructions mentioned within the application form so that you can know about the circumstances that support easy and smooth refund without any inconveniences. The medical documents will be reviewed or verified thoroughly and then only the reimbursements will be issued accordingly.

Policies governing EHIC renewal also need to be followed in this regard. The reimbursement guide might vary from one country to another, therefore, you also need to have a look at the same. There are certain medical costs that are not being compensated under EHIC and you should keep them in mind while placing your claims.

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