Historic Architecture To Visit In Devon

Looking to visit one of the amazing holiday parks in Devon on offer? Devon can be an amazing family holiday and getaway for children of all ages, and families of all sizes. One of the incredible things about Devon is its rich history. This means there’s plenty of opportunities to discover exciting pieces of historic significance at every turn. There’s many fun yet educational opportunities to show and entertain children, too – so you needn’t worry about them getting bored. Here, we run through some of the best architecture and sites you can visit while on your trip to Devon!

Bayard’s Cove Fort 

Bayard’s Cove Fort is a small gun fort, and when it was in use, was used to defend the entrance to Dartmouth harbour. It is extremely small, and was built by the Dartmouth corporation around 1510 at the narrowest part of the harbour. Because this was built in Tudor times, it’s an amazing way to educate children on Tudor architecture, as well as teaching them about combat in an interactive way! It is nearby Clyston Mill, so you can save time and visit multiple attractions in one go.

Clyston Mill

Clayton Mill is a historic watermill. It has been restored to all of its original glory, so is in amazing condition. It is part of the National Trust’s Killerton Estate, so is protected by the Trust. The mill is a beautiful place to take a picnic and explore the grounds, as it is in the sleepy riverside village go Broadclyst. This is definitely one to visit while the sun is shining!

Budlake Post Office

Another feature of the National Trust’s Killerton Estate is Budlake Post Office. It may sound strange at first that a post office is protected by a trust, but this is an amazing way to get a ‘blast from the past’. With its thatched roof and old architecture, is a nostalgic look back at a 1950’s post office, and even contains a chicken house, pigsty, wash house, and a dual seat privy in its gardens. Explore the area and show children what life was like back in the day!


Denham Bridge

Have children that love art? Visiting Denham Bridge can be a wonderful day out for the whole family. The bridge is a picturesque 17th century bridge, set across the River Tavy. It’s actually on the site of an even earlier, medieval bridge, so there’s plenty of history you can show children. Because of its beauty and history, many artists have visited the bridge for years and it is featured in many of paintings and pictures. Why not indulge in a spot of swimming, as well as finding your creative side and making some beautiful art?

Wherever you visit in Devon, you’re sure to have an amazing time in the outdoors with family. Visit some of Devon’s independent fish restaurants to try some local cuisine, and bring home some souvenirs from the unique and quirky nearby shops, too!

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