Getaway To The Far Pristine Destination Of Kodaikanal

India has a host of pretty destinations placed all across the country, from the far east, north south and west of the country. These places are mostly places of pristine natural beauty, not very accessible by train or flights but once there, the place will make you forget of any trouble you might have faced on the road to the destination. This article talks about such places and Kodaikanal in particular. 

The word Kodaikanal in Tamil implies ‘Gift of the Forest’. It is widely known to all travel enthusiasts as a standout hill station in Tamil Nadu. Kodaikanal is additionally known for locally made chocolates, pears, plums and eucalyptus oil. A portion of the conspicuous attractions of Kodaikanal include Coaker’s Walk, Bryant’s Park, Bear Shola Falls separated from the lake which is the principle center. What’s more, if you time your vacation right by looking up through the internet, then you can witness the Kurinji, which blooms once in twelve years.

Kodaikanal tour packages are mainly popular for its honeymoon packages. It one of the most romantic destinations sought after not in Tamilnadu alone but the whole of India. Honeymooners travel from far and wide to celebrate their marriage and many old time lovers come here to rekindle their love and spend a romantic getaway.

Kodaikanal is known as the Princess of the hills while Ooty is regarded as the queen. Both places have their own charm, beauty and appeal which depends on the preference of the travellers. The pleasant weather of the Kodaikanal, the scenic landscape of the hills from the lush meadows below. lush fresh greeneries as far as the eye can see is guaranteed to mesmerize any traveller paying a visit to this beautiful little piece of heaven. Take a stroll along the woods, row across the Kodai lake and bath or at least witness the splashing waterfalls which flow down in gushing force to fill up the lake. For some more outdoor activities you could go for horse riding or cycling. Cycling is a sheer delight in this part as the whole landscape is picturesque and the cool breeze hits your face as you stroll by the whole place.

On you trip to Kodaikanal, it is recommended you spend your time in the outdoors as much as possible. Instead of eating in, get a takeaway from the restaurants and picnic out somewhere, almost like you would at a potluck picnic. Enjoy every moment and savour every moment with nature as places like this, in today’s world, where modern infractures surround us everywhere we go in the cities we live are hard to come by.

Kodaikanal does not have an airport and getting to the place may not be as easy as visiting major cities where you can easily get like Mumbai to Delhi flights anytime time of the day throughout the year. The most common way to approach the city is by road from a nearby city and though it may seem hectic, the ride is not long if you reach by flight to a nearby airport of Trichy or Coimbatore and the trouble is worth every beat of sweat is worth it!

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