Fun Things To Do In Yogyakarta Based On Yogyakarta Map

Fun Things To Do In Yogyakarta Based On Yogyakarta Map

Are you looking for a great vacation destination to escape your hectic daily life? Visiting Yogyakarta can be a great step to choose. Located in the middle of Java Island, Yogyakarta becomes a popular tourist destinations due to various extraordinary tourist attractions and the kindness of the people. For those who plan to visit this city, you can read further to get some suggestion regarding your trip according to Yogyakarta travel guide.

Yogyakarta offers a lot activities and places to be visited. The following list are some of the activities and places you can explore based on Yogyakarta map.

Joining Lava Tour in Mount Merapi

Mount Merapi used to erupt in 2006 and 2010 which cause major changes to the view of area surrounding the mountain. You can see the remains of these eruptions by joining a lava tour. This tour is a great choice for adventure seekers. The focus of this tour is to visit two of lava gorge resulting from the eruptions and Sisa Hartaku Museum (literally translated as My Remaining Belongings) that show various damaged objects as the results of the eruptions, such as furniture, motorcycle, wall clock, and even cattle skeletons.

Enjoying Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo

If going to Africa is too far for you to see sand dunes, then just go to Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo. In this sand dune, you can try to sand board or simply enjoy the sunset while sitting on the sand. Another activity that is offered is ATV. You can explore the Parangkusumo beach with the ATV, or if you prefer a more eco-friendly way, you can rent a horse to roam around. This place is also very popular for pre-wedding photo-shoots as it offers a photogenic scenery that you cannot find in other part of Indonesia.

Going To Ratu Boko Palace

This place was once used by Javanese royalty to reside. It has old crafted waterfalls and stone ornaments that give additional decoration to the palace. At the royal compound, there are three temples that are popular for photo enthusiasts. Several caverns are also exists at more secluded areas that was used for monks to meditate. The numerous stone ponds are believed to have cleansing and healing powers. It is located at the outskirts part of Yogyakarta.

Shopping at Malioboro Street

Yogyakarta’s Malioboro streets basically offers everything you want for souvenirs, such as miniature, batik shirts, and many more. This street is the trade center of Yogyakarta even since the colonial time. The most crowded time of this street is during weekends, as both tourist and local people hang out on this street. You can also enjoy some culinary trip by buying rice meals called Nasi Kucing or cat rice, a small portion of rice with spicy sauce, dried anchovy, and tempeh or tofu as its topping.

The list above are some of the interesting things you can do during your travel to Yogyakarta. Choosing Yogyakarta as your holiday destination will surely help you relax your mind and body from the crazy life of large city.

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