Exciting Things To Do On Dubai Marina Cruise

Exciting Things To Do On Dubai Marina Cruise

Traveling allows you a beautiful change from your routine life. However, it is not only about the enjoying the picturesque locations or taking photographs in front of historic places. You trip is completed by tasting the tempting and exotic cuisines of that particular place.

If you are visiting and exploring Dubai, missing out on the most delicious food in the most beautiful ambiance in Dubai Marina Cruise is nothing short of a crime. The experience of having the delicious meal in the middle of the see along the beautifully decorated creek will remain etched in your memory for a lifetime. 

Read on to know about the features you can enjoy on a cruise trip:


The cruise lasts for about two hours in which you can enjoy plenty of activities and special features. You will be picked up in the coach of Dhow Operator Company at a pre-decided place or your hotel. The experience of having a lavish dinner in the middle of breathtaking scenarios will give you lifelong memories.


The facilities depend on the Dhow Operator Company and the package you have selected. However, the most common ones include the following

  • Safety Measures to tackle accidents or fire cases.
  • First aid and emergency medical kits.
  • Life Jacket for all the passengers.
  • Toilets for men and women.


You are served the following items on your cruise trip:

  • Welcome drinks are served to the travelers on the cruise.
  • Unlimited supply of water, tea, and coffee.
  • International buffet comprising of different cuisines is served.
  • The dinner meal also includes appetizers, salads, and tempting desserts.

Additional Features

You may have to spend some extra money to enjoy these additional benefits. However, the value you will derive from them will be worth the amount spent.

  • Enjoy the astonishing scenarios by sitting on the upper decks.
  • Enjoy various drinks at the bar (alcoholic & non-alcoholic)
  • Performances of live music bands
  • Magic shows for kids
  • Gaming options and various other fun activities
  • Tanoura dance show.
  • Belly Dancing

You can rent a separate charter yacht Dubai for your family gatherings and events like receptions, anniversaries etc. It may cost some extra but the quality time spent with your loved ones to celebrate the special occasions will make some memories that you will cherish forever.

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