Cypress Mulund – A Perfect Trekking Spot

Sprawling across the foothills of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, the skyline of Mulund, the Mumbai suburb, is dotted with concrete structures and high-rises. However, just half an hour from the Mulund railway station and behind Veenanagar, you can get a completely different view – an awesome view of MotherNature. The area is Cypress mulund, a hilly place that starts from inside the national park, near the cypress building. People come here to enjoy the sight of nature in abundance. However, to get to that point you need to trek to the top of the hill. People from adjoining as well as far off places love to visit this area since thrill of trekking is rarely complemented by such lush green view of nature.

It is indeed a garden for the children where they can go on to have all the fun in the world and express themselves. The garden happens to be a fun place for kids, toddlers and adults (this is not if you are that big enough), there is a big green lawn where the kids can play around. This is coupled by a level one area where there are multiple slides along with a sand area. On level 2 there happens to be two swing slides and this goes on to include rock climbing along with merry go around. It happens to be fresh garden with benches where the elderly people can sit.

The trek

There are a number of ways to reach the top. There is a steep path and a number of winding paths to the top. Obviously, if you take the steep path it will take less time, but that is often the path for the daring and young ones. If you take with winding paths you may feel like getting lost. However, there are a number of markers along the road in the form of pieces of red cloth tied to tree branches that will help you to take the right path to the top. But, before you start the journey uphill, remember that the path is not easy. It is strewn with jagged rocks and slippery slopes. You will also encounter some lose mud on the way that may mistake as solid ground. It is a kind of treacherous path, but “treacherous” may be bit of a harsh commentary. In fact, it is a trekker’s paradise. Take some rest on the way, get some photographs, and then continue your journey to reach the top. It may take around half an hour to 40 minutes to reach the top, and it is here that you will feel like achieving something.

The summit

Well, summit may be a misnomer, but after a hard-fought battle against the steep incline and treacherous terrain, reaching the top of cypress mulundwill indeed feel like conquering the summit. It is here that all your weariness of journey will vanish. The beautiful view of the ViharLake nestled in the lap of lush green Sahayadri hills is simply mesmerizing. You will also get a very contrasting view of the concrete jungles in the suburbs of Thane and Mulund on the other side. The contrasting view of natural forest and concrete jungles stacked against one another will evoke mixed feelings and you will definitely want to spend a long time on the top.

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