Best Attraction Sites In The USA

Best Attraction Sites In The USA

United States of America being the largest and with most diverse countries of the world has a number of amazing destinations that tourists can visit and have fun. They vary from sky scrapers of Chicago and New York, natural wonders and sunny beaches. Below is just but a few attractions of the found in America.

White House

It is where the offices of the United States president are located in the Washington DC.The white house was built between the years 1792 and 1800.John Adams was the first president to use the whit house. Tourists who wish to visit the white house should be in groups not individuals and required to channel their request few months prior to the visit.

Denali National Park

It is located in the interior Alaska and this is where mt McKinley. This is the most high mountain of the world. Denali Park also protects the moose, wolves and other numerous creatures. With all this Denali Park which means the high one in Athabaskan language becomes a very famous tourist attraction.

Grand Canyon

Located in great Arizona Grand Canyon is an amazing attraction in the world. It was carved a million years. It is 1.6 km deep and 446 km. It is not the deepest canyon of the world but tourists admire its size and the colorful landscape. Plan to visit this place during your vacation.


Yellowstone National part is the first national park of the world that was reserved in the year 1872. It has a number of hot spring and other areas of geothermal .The Park is above a hot spot where the hot stuff rises to the surface. Yellowstone has most of the world’s geothermal features .On top of that you can find all kinds of wildlife in this national park.

Niagara Falls

It’s situated between New York state and Ontario province. This is the most natural resource wonders of the continent of North America. It’s formed by a combination of three different falls. Many tourists long to visit this place because of its nature. By rank it is said to have had visitors through the year. Families companies and schools or even individuals visit this place during their vacations. If you love nature this is the best place to spend your vacation.


It’s is a very recent volcano that has lead to creation of a Hawaiian Archipelago. Kilauea is very different from high sharp slope peaks of strato volcanoes. It is one recent volcano compared to those others which occurred few years ago. It’s a historic site and those studying history are the most people who visit.

The golden gate bridge

It is the longest bridge ever that one can think of. In 1937 which is also the year that it was completed, it was ranked an attraction site because of the length of this bridge. It was painted red-orange to make it more visible from far. Those who like to explore and see new things each time they go for vacation,this is the place to visit.

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